Frequently asked questions

How are we funded?

We are a not for profit organisation which means that we are self-sustaining and have a number of ways of creating income. We do this primarily via our Sign Language interpreting Services. The profits we make from providing interpreting services is then invested back into the business and pays for staff wages, community events and everyday business costs.

We are also paid for statutory advocacy work on a case by case basis and consultancy work that we provide to other organisations.

We make a small profit from Sign Language courses, which we use to expand our teaching resources and provide training to staff to keep their teaching skills up to date.

We do not at present receive any council funding or grants, if in the future we do receive funding for a specific project or piece of work, this will be stipulated clearly and the money will be ring fenced for sole use on that project. We will also state the value and the length of the project in line with our core value of transparency.

Why do we need more than one Deaf organisation in Northamptonshire?

Deaf Hub believes there is no ‘one size fits all’ service and that people have the right to choose where they go depending on their needs. We encourage people to use all the services available to them as it may be the case that one service suits them better than another depending on their situation. There also may be a conflict of interest in having the same organisation deal with different areas of your life and you may wish to have some separation in order to protect your privacy.

When choosing Deaf Hub, we ask that we are the only organisation dealing with a specific problem as it can be confusing to have too many professionals involved.

Are we confidential?

Confidentially is our number one priority.

We believe everyone has the right to privacy and are unable to share personal details or other types of information with family members or support workers unless prior permission has been given.

For example, we do not pass on any information such as appointment dates or times to close friends and family members and that also means we will not respond any questions without permission for each issue.

Do you work with other organisations?

If we do not provide a service, we are happy to sign-post people to other organisations that can assist them. We also welcome partnership working and sharing resources as we believe it enriches our work and improves outcomes for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

If you are an organisation or planning an event and would like to get in touch with Deaf Hub to make us aware of your services, please email to be added to our database.

Where do you work?

We are based in Northampton but, we now work throughout the UK providing interpreting and advocacy services. As our reputation has grown, we have had to begin providing a UK wide service for these activities as there is a clear demand for them and we proved ourselves as being able to fulfil difficult or specialised work in hard to reach areas or complicated matters.

We do still carry out projects in our local community including outreach work and public events.