We offer information, support and advice primarily through appointment slots to ensure you have the full attention of one of our staff.
This can be face-to-face in our confidential room, online via Skype, FaceTime or live chat. We can cover daytime and evenings up to 8pm to fit in with working lives and families.

As an organisation we have to make sure we are using our resources effectively to be able to help as many people as possible. This means we cannot always respond to your query on the same day as we may be dealing with an emergency situation. We also do not want to rush people when dealing with their situations as we want to ensure that we have fully understood and not waste time with unnecessary repeat appointments. We aim to reply to you as soon as possible we appreciate your patience with this.

Examples of information, advice and support issues are:

If you have a quick issue that you need help with, we can deal with it at our BSL lunch events, but if we think that we will need more time to sort it, we will organise a full appointment with you. We do not receive any funding to carry out this work, at present, but recognise that there is a high need for information, advice and guidance support in our area.

Form filling
Letter translation
Housing and other issues
Telephone calls
Booking interpreters for your appointments – GP, hospital, council etc.
Referrals to social services other organisations for assessments and help

To book an appointment please contact us for more information