Using our expert knowledge and personal experience we are able to offer
professional consultancy on a range of Deaf related issues.

We have experience helping businesses and organisations become more accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing community. We deliver this in a variety of ways, including solving problems to physically accessing buildings and services, finding new or improved ways of informing the community about the services you provide and enhancing your presence within the Deaf and hard of hearing world.


We can deliver bespoke training courses in Deaf Awareness, that are relevant to the nature of your business as well as basic Sign Language courses to match your customers' needs. Once we have an understanding of your requirements we can look to provide formal Sign Language Qualifications to up-skill your team and enable them to communicate directly with Sign Language users.


We are able to sign post to other organisations that you can work with that deliver services that differ to ours such as personal assistants (PA), providers of equipment and events to promote your services to the Deaf community. We are happy to work together with these services to provide a holistic approach.


We are experienced working with organisations and companies who have hired Deaf and hard of hearing people, to establish how to support them most effectively in the workplace. This is achieved by assessing the working environment, facilitating in work support such as Access to Work applications, completing work logs or dealing with grievances.

We have worked in a range of organisations types, from corporate, financial and legal to public bodies and councils and have a good understanding of the internal processes within these domains. Find out how we can help your organisation.