Deaf Hub’s signature human touch communication professional booking service is being made more effective. Our new booking system, HubHive, will allow you to be able to book a range of communication professionals and manage multiple events all in one place.

Our pricing is clear and we are a no-obligation booking service until costs have been approved by you.

All our communication professionals are registered with the relevant governing bodies such as NRCPD, RBSLI and AVSTTR.

Behind the scenes our team is working with communication professionals to maintain a fair working environment for them, upholding national fee and working standards in line with NUBSLI. We believe that by supporting these values we are promoting the continual betterment of the community and profession.

We work within the following domains:

Access to Work
Non-Custodial Police Work
Legal and Solicitor Services

We can provide the following types of professionals;


British Sign Language Interpreters

BSL is a recognised language with it’s own structure and grammar that is different to English. BSL interpreters use facial expressions, lip patterns, hand shapes and body movements combined to deliver an interpretation of the message from English to BSL. They also interpret BSL into English to provide ‘voice over’ for what a Sign Language user is saying.



Sign Supported English interpreters

SSE is when interpreters sign the exact words that are being spoken in the English word order. SSE is not a recognised language and interpreters do not have specialised qualifications in it, they often adapt their singing style to accommodate it. Please mention if you require this service as some interpreters are more experienced using SSE than others.



Speech To Text Reporters service

STTRs type what is being said word-for-word simultaneously to the speech to allow people to read what is being said live. They also provide environmental information, such as laughter or alarms, to allow Deaf and hard of hearing people to understand what is happening in the room. This can be done remotely or in person using a big screen or a laptop sized screen depending on the event.



Lipspeakers repeat what a speaker is saying clearly without using their voice. This allows someone to lip read them and is useful if they are unfamiliar with BSL or SSE but are unable to lip read someone that is new to them that may not annunciate clearly. They may also use facial expressions to reflect the speakers intent and many can provide Sign Language support along with their skills lipspeaking.


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