About Us

Deaf Hub’s humble beginnings

Having spent a significant time working with the deaf community, Katie and I began to question the current services being provided to them; we felt they did not reflect the current needs of deaf people. One Friday night – glass in hand – we began deconstructing current practices. We envisaged a service that focussed on creating choices for the individual, enabling people to explore options available to them that they may/may not be aware of. By highlighting people’s choices, people are empowered to made their own decisions based on facts, having understood the possible pitfalls and benefits that arise in any given situation. Choices create solutions, and it is our aim to find lasting solutions to enable a deaf person to live independently.

Deaf Hub
…and so Deaf Hub was born!

Deaf Hub’s ethos is highly aligned with the principles of advocacy, which stems from my expertise in the area; this ultimately means we want to provide deaf people with informed choices about their lives, whilst highlighting possible ideas and alternative avenues that they may not have considered, giving a true picture of what the person faces, enabling them to make a decision that is right for them.

It was our intention to move away from the pastoral style services currently being offered, as there was a feeling in us, that conflicted our ethos of empowering the deaf community; pastoral services offer ‘help’ so it doesn’t enable deaf people to become autonomous and take responsibility of their own lives, it almost perpetuates a reliance on the provider, which isn’t integral to our core beliefs.

We firmly believe that society disables deaf and hard of hearing people from fulfilling their full potential in life; there is no need, in today’s society, for people with a hearing loss to be stigmatised.


Jessica Maryan – Director

I was born profoundly deaf and was educated orally, meaning I was taught in English and didn’t use sign language. I found sign language later in life when I went to university, it was there I gained a unique insight into the deaf world.

Having both witnessed and experienced discrimination first hand, I was, and still am, passionate about creating solutions to lessen the gap of inequality for deaf people and enabling them to find their own voice; after all, isn’t that what we all want in life, to be heard and validated.

Advocacy was a natural calling for me, as without knowing, I have been self-advocating for some time. I am an intuitive, skilled problem solver, enjoying the challenges presented to me; I look into a person’s concern/s, consider all options available to them, and enable them to see a true picture of their problem/s and the potential pitfalls and advantages that may result in them voicing their concern/s.

The greatest barrier deaf people will experience in their lifetime, is accessing information and services; the deaf community campaigns tirelessly for access and, in spite of some progress being made in the last 20 years, there is still much work to be done. Currently, the deaf community are fighting for a BSL Act, so that deaf people’s rights are protected by law. If the Act is approved by Government, it will be a monumental step to a more equal society.

Meet our Ambassador

Meet our Ambassador – Jordan Wylie

Jordan is an award-winning adventurer; a number one bestselling author as well as being the national ambassador for the Army Cadet Force. He is perhaps best known though for being one of the elite team of Hunters on Channel 4’s BAFTA-nominated shows ‘Hunted‘ and ‘Celebrity Hunted‘. Jordan is available for guest talks at present and his positive energy, inspiring messages and infectious spirit of adventure is sure to give your clients, staff or students a real lift in these challenging and uncertain times.